What You Should Know Before Fighting a DWI in Galveston


Those who have been arrested and charged with a DWI in Galveston are facing up to 180 days in jail, up to $2,000 in fines, and a license suspension of up to 365 days for a first offense. If they’ve been convicted at any time in the past for a DUI, the penalties they’re facing are more severe. There is a chance of the charges being dropped for a DUI with no other issues, like a car accident, but the person will need to contact a Galveston DWI lawyer immediately.

A DWI Lawyer will Examine the Details

A Galveston DWI lawyer is going to start by looking over the details of the person’s case. Why were they pulled over? Why did the officer suspect they were over the legal limit? If there was no reason for them to be pulled over or any evidence against them was obtained unlawfully or using equipment that wasn’t properly calibrated, there might be a chance of the evidence being suppressed. This means a judge has agreed that it cannot be used as evidence against the person.

Charges May be Reduced or Dismissed

If the Galveston lawyer is successful in having evidence suppressed, the next step is going to be to have the charges against their client dismissed. This is possible when there isn’t enough evidence for a conviction, and typically can occur if some or all of the evidence against the person is going to be suppressed. The prosecution may agree to lower or dismiss the charges when they are not sure they still have enough evidence to secure a conviction as a way of avoiding a trial that has a significant chance of being unsuccessful. The client can talk with a DWI lawyer in Galveston, Texas to find out if there’s a higher chance of accepting a lower plea deal or of the charges being dismissed altogether.criminal_defense

If you’ve been arrested and you’re facing a DWI, make sure you speak with a Galveston DWI attorney as soon as possible. It does take time for a Galveston criminal defense lawyer to collect evidence and try to have the evidence against you suppressed so the charges can be dropped. The faster they get to work on your case, the more likely they can attempt a defense like the one

The 2 Most Important Things About Handling Trucking Accidents

Commercial Trucking Accident in Winter Driving Conditions

With the number of commercial vehicles on the road at any given time, it’s no surprise that they’re sometimes involved in accidents. Many people, however, don’t know how to handle trucking accidents or what to do if they’ve been injured. In many cases, they’ll suffer from severe injuries and need to seek medical attention immediately. Once they have begun to recover, they may want to look into getting compensation for the accident to help them cover the medical and other bills.

Commercial Truck

Seek Medical Attention Immediately Following Trucking Accidents

Most trucking accidents involve serious injuries for the other vehicle involved since the commercial trucks are incredibly large and heavy. A person might need to go to the emergency room after being checked at the scene because of the severity of their injuries. Even if they don’t feel very injured, it’s important to seek medical care anyhow. A person can very easily suffer traumatic brain injuries or other injuries in the accident that aren’t diagnosed at the scene.

Know When to Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

Most people involved in truck accidents will want to speak with a truck injury lawyer as soon as possible about their case. The victim of commercial truck accidents should be able to obtain a settlement to cover all accident-related expenses such as medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement bills, or lost wages. The typical truck accident attorney is not going to charge the victim of the accident up front and will instead collect their fees from the settlement received. This way, the person has nothing to pay for out of their own pocket. The attorney is necessary to help the person determine what types of compensation are applicable to the case, how much of a settlement they should receive, and even who should be sued for compensation since there can be multiple people liable after a commercial accident.

Those who are injured in a trucking accident will want to seek medical attention immediately to make sure they recover from the accident or get help for permanent injuries. Once they have received the medical care they need and are starting to recover from the accident, they will want to contact a lawyer who works on cases involving truck accidents. The lawyer can help the victim obtain compensation for their truck accident injury so they do not have to worry about covering the expenses alone.

3 Ways to Improve Service Truck Appearance and Functionality

Service Truck Tool Box

When someone calls for service, it’s important that the truck arriving is organized. Performing service truck maintenance will improve the customer satisfaction experience in good standing. Arriving to assist a customer with a broken windshield or tools just tossed in the back of a truck will only leave a customer wondering what type of a service a customer really offers. Lost time looking for the necessary tools to perform a job costs customer money in hours charged for labor that isn’t really necessary when they contact a service truck for assistance.

What do Service Truck Repairs Offer?

Service trucks travel to a variety of customers and supply the necessary repairs needed. An example of a customer they may be a tractor trailer truck. Trucks travel far from a home terminal that would normally do repairs. It is difficult for a company in one state to handle repairs on their truck that may be broken down three states away. A service truck can perform these repairs.

Damaged Windshield

Are Windshield Replacement Services Mobile?

With today’s busy lifestyle, many windshield replacement companies can travel to the location of a broken or cracked windshield and replace it. One small chip can gradually spread across a windshield and limit visibility for the driver. A driver should periodically check their windshield for signs of cracks or chips from the outside. It’s also important not to take the automobile through a car wash because the temperature change could affect the crack.

Adding Storage Space with Service Truck Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes come in a variety of different materials. In addition, these tool boxes for trucks can either be professionally installed or installed by the user of them. Tool boxes represent the company that is using them. Tool boxes on a truck provide storage as well as organization for the equipment that is needed to complete a job. They also offer prevention against theft and damage from the weather. A quality tool box that is made of durable material can be installed in a truck. It will provide the ability to remain mobile and organized to complete various jobs. The tool boxes are also very critical as part of the service truck maintenance.